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Napoleonic Saber-Sword for Infantry Officer. France, circa 1810 For Sale

Napoleonic Saber-Sword for Infantry Officer. France, circa 1810
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Napoleonic Saber-Sword for Infantry Officer. France, circa 1810:

Napoleonic saber-sword for Infantry Officer. France, circa 1810

French Napoleonic saber-sword for infantry officers made in France during the 1st Empire of Napoleon Bonaparte, circa 1810, in very good condition and with a striking design. This beautiful weapon dates from the early 19th century and mounts a fine brass hilt. The grip is covered with wooden side plates, engraved by hand with a small net print which improves the use. The steel blade is also in good condition and bears different engraved marks on both sides. They are simple and schematic, standing out for its delicate look. The black leather scabbard is finely preserved and keeps the original metalwork (brass and steel locket and chape).

Any lover of antique weapons will appreciate the value and beauty of this Napoleonic saber for French infantry officers, forged during the 1st Napoleonic Empire.

Dimensions: Blade Length: 82 cm. Total Length: 32.38 in / 82 cm.

I think I left nothing in the description but if I forgot something, I\'ll be glad to answer any questions.

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My name is José Pascual, and I am an antique dealer located in Zaragoza, Spain, which is a medium size city between Madrid and Barcelona. If you have any question, send me an email and I will gladly answer you. Enjoy my articles and I hope we keep in touch. For any questions about this or any other item you can contact me through . I will be glad to answer them. Thanks for trusting me and enjoy !

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My name is Jose and I am the owner and responsible of this shop. I am an antique dealer located in Saragossa, in Spain.

Saragossa is a Spanish medium size city of 700.000 people, located just in the middle of the way between Madrid and Barcelona, 300 kms from each one, and also equidistant 300 kms. to other cities as Bilbao and Valencia. It’s an antique city founded by the Romans, by the Emperor Caesar Augustus more than 2000 years ago, capital of the powerful antique Kingdom of Aragon, 900 years ago and during the Medieval times, and first defeat of Napoleon’s troops in Europe during the Napoleonic Wars in the early 19th Century, among other History...

Here I was born, here I live, and here I have my small antiques shop.

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I started in this world as a collector. My parents introduced me into the world of antiques and the sale houses since I was a child here in Spain but also in other cities as Milan, London and Paris. My father introduced me into the world of antique collectibles and I started my own antique search at flea markets for my own small antiques collections since I was very young. I\'ve been a professional antique dealer since the year 2003, when I decided to join my passion with my way of living. If while I am writing this is the year 2023, these are, 20 years, nowadays, selling antiques. And more than 30 years as a collector, and I still have a lot to learn and only a little to teach.

We are a registered legal antique bussiness, here in Spain. We pay our taxes, too many taxes I am afraid, and we have a physical address. I have a small shop open to the public in Saragossa and we are open from 9:00 to 19:00 hours, Madrid time. You are welcome to visit me whenever you wish. I have an open shop at for many years, I think at least 16 years, under the nickname \'Iberantiques\', active and with more than 1350 positives responses, today all 100% positive. And finally, as I mentioned before, I have my own web shop, for 15 years now, in Spanish language although it can be translated to almost any language using the Google Translator button, in the upper part of the web page. The translation is not perfect but it is 90% good, totally understandable and you can always ask me.

Mainly, I started specialized in Antique machines as gramophones, music boxes, clocks, watches… but today, I also work with other first class collector items as cameras, militaria, antique scientific instruments… To be exact, nowadays, I work with any first class antique that I could find at a correct price and that we could transport worldwide.

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We can send almost everything with security, no matter how big or heavy it is, if the client wants to pay the price, because some heavy or big items or delicate items into big boxes are specially expensive to send, not perhaps within Europe, but sometimes to America or Asia and some require custom made packing, as custom made wooden boxes or special foam for transport protection. The priority in Shipping is always Security and Protection for the piece. We’ve been sending International shipping since the very beginning in the year 2003. Our more than 1350 clients and today\'s still 100% positive votes, talk about their positive experience.

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Thanks for reading this, I hope to deal with you soon, and we stay in touch. .

Jose Pascual

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Napoleonic Saber-Sword for Infantry Officer. France, circa 1810 picture

Napoleonic Saber-Sword for Infantry Officer. France, circa 1810


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