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Marvel Team-Up/Two-In-One / Spider-Man, Thing U PICK w/ UNLIMITED FLAT SHIP RATE For Sale

Marvel Team-Up/Two-In-One / Spider-Man, Thing U PICK w/ UNLIMITED FLAT SHIP RATE

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Marvel Team-Up/Two-In-One / Spider-Man, Thing U PICK w/ UNLIMITED FLAT SHIP RATE:

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I have owned these books for decades, and they have been in storage, virtually undisturbed for many years. Now they are ready for you to enjoy! I have carefully prepared them for sale and provided a huge number of photos. Annuals are listed at the end of each title, so scroll way down to get to them.

Show Reprints:Show Separate - by Gerry Conway/Gil Kane, w/ Vision, vs Puppet Master, 1st app Ballox, The Monstroid - "A Passion Of The Mind!"A lower-grade copy, for sure, with evident spine roll, and the upper staple is detached from the cover. Still has some shine and only light wrinkling, and the pages are in surprisingly good shape. Back is largely free of surface build-up as well. It's still a reader copy for sure, but you definitely can read it, so treat it gently, and enjoy that awesome Gil Kane art!7VG/FN7.5003/73 - by Gerry Conway/Ross Andru, w/ Thor, 1st app Kryllk the Cruel, Fandral app, Watcher app, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch cameos - "A Hitch In Time!"Book is flat, still shiny, and mostly smooth, with off-white pages, but you can see it's been handled a good bit, with notable wear on the back and spine, particular at the upper staple. Please note that the upper staple is detached from the cover (which is what ultimately led me to lower the book down to VG/FN, because it otherwise looks almost (but not quite) mid-grade, but facts are facts.VG+ or VG/FN? -- I'll let you be the judge -- it's a lower-end copy that looks nicer than most, and hey, it's almost a half-century old!Could you find a better copy? Sure, but probably not at this price.14VF2.2510/73 - REPRINT (actually Marvel Tales #249 - May, 1991) by Len Wein/Gil Kane, w/ Sub-Mariner, vs Tiger Shark - "Mayhem Is... the Men-Fish!"-- much more affordable way to pick up reading copy of the original MTU 14. Also contains secondary feature called "Spider-Man's Uncanny Spider-Sense" by Tom DeFalco and Ron FrenzCopy still shiny and new-looking, showing some light handling wear from a light reading.16VG-5.5012/73 - by Len Wein/Gil Kane, w/ Captain Marvel, 1st app/origin Basilisk, Rick Jones app - "Beware the Basilisk, My Son"Clearly this one has been enjoyed multiple times, with significant wear showing around the edges, particularly the spine, including a short split on the bottom. A big store mark X partially obscures the issue number as well. Pages are off-white however, and all seem to be in decent shape. Back has a good coating of surface build-up. Even though this definitely falls into the "reader" category, it remains flat, with some shine left to it, and it's not at all as wrinkly as you might expect -- surface feels mostly smooth in fact.19FN--03/74 - by Len Wein/Gil Kane, w/ Ka-Zar, 1st app Stegron, Lizard, Zabu - "The Coming of Stegron, the Dinosaur Man!"MARVEL VALUE STAMP INTACT -- copy has definitely been read before, but remains flat, with some good shine and quite smooth. Spine showing the moderate wear from multiple readings, and staples hinting at rust, but otherwise, the outer wear is still mid-grade-ish. Pages solidly off-white and in good shape. Back showing the standard bit of build-up you almost always see, but also some foxing is easily seen in lower-left area, keeping this one from elevating past mid-grade. It's no beauty, that's at least for sure, but if you're looking for a solid copy, you could do worse.20FN+12.5004/74 - by Len Wein/Sal Buscema, w/ Black Panther, Lizard, Stegron - "Dinosaurs on Broadway"MARVEL VALUE STAMP INTACT -- An excellent mid- to upper-mid-grade copy with a flat and smooth surface that still has a good amount of shine. Some moderate wear showing on right front edge that shows in the photos, and the spine has the mid-grade look to it from a prior reading or two, but pages in excellent shape and still off-white. Back also has the mid-grade-ish build-up that shows easily in the photos. It's certainly no high-grade copy, but it's structurally sound and in completely collectible shape -- a very solid copy.23GD3.5007/74 - by Len Wein/Gil Kane, Human Torch w/ Iceman; vs (1st app) Equinox the Thermodynamic Man, X-Men app; Spider-Man cameo (appears briefly on way to Giant-Size Spider-Man #1) - "The Night of the Frozen Inferno"MARVEL VALUE STAMP MISSING -- even with the MVS, the book would have only elevated to around VG, with wrinkly surface that still has some shine left to it. Pages are generally okay and still off-white, but the MVS being missing, making this an INCOMPLETE copy dooms it to mere gap-filler/reader status. However, if you've ever read the great MTU 59-60, it references this one and is worth picking up to get the complete story (which is exactly what I did and why I have this copy).24FN/VF9.5008/74 - by Len Wein/Jim Mooney, w/ Brother Voodoo, vs Moondog the Malicious (1st app) - "Moondog Is Another Name For Murder!"MARVEL VALUE STAMP INTACT -- A very solid copy that's flat, still with some shine and quite smooth. Only moderate wear showing, with a light fold remnant in upper-left back cover, but otherwise, only some spine ticks causing any color breaks. That dark background would make any easy to spot, and you'll note that there are virtually none to be found. Pages are off-white, and back is even still near-white itself, with some surface build-up detected, mainly along spine area. Definitely been read before, but it's held up quite well for a book approaching 50 years old and surely goes into the upper-mid-grade category. A solid copy.25VG/FN6.9509/74 - by Len Wein/Jim Mooney, w/ Daredevil, vs Unholy Trio - "Three Into Two Won't Go!"MARVEL VALUE STAMP INTACT -- book is flat, still with some shine and really very quite smooth (surprisingly so). Still has moderate wear showing, as you can easily see in the photos, with some build-up detected on both sides. Some foxing spots are showing on front cover and general coating of surface build-up on back. Pages are off-white though and look solid. It's definitely below mid-grade, but it's still structurally solid and will hold its own.26POOR1.7510/74 - MARK JEWELER VARIANT - by Len Wein/Jim Mooney, Human Torch w/ Thor, Lava Men app - "The Fire This Time!"MARVEL VALUE STAMP MISSING -- I really don't know what to add that the photos don't make completely clear -- this is the very definition of a crappy copy! MVS missing, cover detached, extensive wear everywhere! Despite having the Mark Jeweler insert, making this a more rare variant, there's not much going for this one. But if you've ever wanted to own a Mark Jeweler edition, you're not likely to find a cheaper one! The very epitome of a gap-filler copy!You'll still obviously want to just toss this in along with others in your order to save on shipping!27FR2.5011/74 - by Len Wein/Jim Mooney, not to mention the very obvious Jim Starlin cover art! -- w/ Hulk, vs Chameleon, Ned Leeds app - "A Friend in Need!"MARVEL VALUE STAMP MISSING -- and not only is the MVS missing, but it seems this one was mistreated, like it was struct multiple times on the back with a thin and heavy objects, leaving areas where you can see through it.Do doubt this is a low-grade copy, but the pages remain complete readable. But still...lower than a reader. A gap-filler copy to be sure!28VG4.7512/74 - by Gerry Conway/Jim Mooney, w/ Hercules - "The City Stealers!"MARVEL VALUE STAMP INTACT -- Obviously a well-read copy with general overall wear from several readings. Flat enough still, it's lost a good bit of its shine, but remains surprisingly smooth for the most part (not a lot of wrinkling). Pages off-white. Both sides show a good coating of build-up. A classic reader copy.29VG-2.9501/75 - by Gerry Conway/Jim Mooney, Human Torch w/ Iron Man, vs Infinitus (1st appearance) - "Beware the Coming of Infinitus!"Marvel Value Stamp MISSING -- heh, the original owner didn't bother with scissors to get at that Marvel Value Stamp, instead opting to just rip half the letters page out, as you see in the one photo. This doesn't affect the story, but it does, alas, still leave this as an INCOMPLETE copy.As for the rest of the book, it presents as roughly just below mid-grade, still with some shine and moderate wrinkling.35FN-4.9507/75 - by Gerry Conway/Sal Buscema, Human Torch & Doctor Strange, vs Jeremiah, Clea, Valkrie app - "Blood Church!; Dark Immortal; Church of Blood!; The Flames of Battle"Flat, shiny and smooth enough (better than mid-grade in fact), with moderate edge wear and off-white pages that are solid, the back nonetheless has a good deal of surface build-up, and a couple of visible abrasions in the lower coupon area -- plus that bit of yellow spillover ink in upper-left (which is a printing anomaly more than it is a defect). The abrasions I think drop this otherwise solid copy down just below mid-grade. It's certainly in collectible condition despite its shortcomings.39FN/VF5.5011/75 - by Bill Mantlo/Sal Buscema, w/ Human Torch, first appearance of Crime-Master II, Big Man app, Sandman app, Enforcers app - "Any Number Can Slay!"MARVEL VALUE STAMP INTACT -- a solid upper-mid-grade copy that has been read before, but remains shiny with only moderate wear, only slight surface build-up and off-white pages.40FN4.9512/75 - by Bill Mantlo/Sal Buscema, w/ Sons of the Tiger (1st appearance in regular-sized color comic), Human Torch, Sandman, Enforcers, Big Man, Crime-Master appearances - "Murder's Better the Second Time Around!"Flat, still shiny and nicely-smooth copy with only moderate wear (see close-up, in-your-face side photos and check out that solid spine), cream-colored pages, and a back that shows some surface build-up, yes, but the copy is easily mid-grade and is a solid, if not spectacular copy.45FN/VF5.5005/76 - by Bill Mantlo/Sal Buscema, w/ Killraven, Cotton Mather app, Martian Masters app - "Future-Shock!"Marvel Value Stamp Intact -- yes, you can see evidence that this copy has been read before (see close-up, in-your-face side photos I provided, and you'll see some spine ticks), it's flat, still with good shine, and wonderfully smooth. Pages are off-white, and the back has hardly any residue (i.e. still mostly, if not entirely white). Staples show a touch of discoloration but not rusty. All appears solid in this nice upper-mid-grade copy.50FN5.5010/76 - by Bill Mantlo/Sal Buscema, w/ Doctor Strange; Iron Man - "The Mystery Of the Wraith!"Flat, still shiny and nicely smooth, with off-white pages and a touch of residue on the back, this is a pretty classically run-of-the-mill average copy.51VG+3.2511/76 - by Bill Mantlo/Sal Buscema, w/ Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Wraith app - "The Trial of the Wraith!"Copy is flat and smooth enough, as you can see in the photos, but shows signs of multiple readings, has a small tear near UPC box, still with good off-white pages, but back is spotted with residue, dropping this copy closer well below mid-grade and closer to reader status.52FN4.5012/76 - by Gerry Conway/Sal Buscema, w/ Captain America, vs Batroc - "Danger: Demon on a Rampage!"Solid copy that has been read a couple of time and shows moderate wear you would expect -- some specks of residue here, some little corner folds and creases there, and not as smooth as when new. Pages were excellent when I leafed through it. Back has a bit of surface build-up and a rough edge on top. Crease is also visible. A solid, but run-of-the-mill and ultimately unspectacular copy.53-54FN
Marvel Team-Up 53 - 54 FN 6.0 1977 / Spider-Man, Hulk / 1st John Byrne X-Men art54VG+4.5002/77 - by Bill Mantlo/John Byrne, w/ Hulk, Woodgod app, 1st app Captain Brenner - "Spider in the Middle!"Copy shows signs of multiple readings, but remains flat, with some shine left and mostly smooth, and cream-colored pages that all seem solid enough. Back has an obvious coating of surface build-up and is showing its age more than the front. All visible in the photos, this one clearly is below mid-grade -- still structurally solid, but definitely not spectacular 45+ year-old copy!55GD4.9503/77 - by Bill Mantlo/John Byrne, w/ Warlock, vs the Stranger in this tale that also introduces the Gardener (making his debut), not to mention the first appearances of both the Power and Time Gems (from the Infinity Stones), also contains letter by Fred Hembeck - "Spider, Spider on the Moon!"Obviously a low-grade copy with extensive edge wear that you can easily see in the photos -- note particularly the ragged right edge of the front cover. While this one has been read multiple times, it is still structurally sound with nothiing loose, and the pages are cream-colored and all attached, and the surface is a lot smoother than you'd expect -- note the close-up, in-your-face side photos, and you can tell the surface isn't nearly as wrinkled as you'd imagine it might be at this grade -- even with those rough edges.With Warlock on the cusp of his MCU debut, higher grade copies of this one are selling at rising prices (I ought to know -- I've already sold three previous copies) -- perhaps a low-grade -- and lower-priced -- one like this will help you fill in that annoying gap in your run.58FN/VF5.9506/77 - by Chris Claremont/Sal Buscema, w/ Ghost Rider, vs Trapster - "Panic On Pier One!"Solid mid- to upper-mid-grade copy that's certainly been read a couple of times, but remains flat, shiny and smooth, with some moderate wear, particularly at extreme edges, some surface build-up on back, but pages that are still off-white. Pictures get up close for you to inspect.59FN4.9507/77 - by Chris Claremont/John Byrne, w/ Yellowjacket and the Wasp, vs Equinox the Thermodynamic Man - "Some Say Spidey Will Die By Fire...Some Say By Ice!"A very right-down-the-middle copy that still is flat, with nice shine, and actually pretty smooth overally (though not perfectly). Some edge and spine wear showing in the photos -- all minor to moderate. Pages cream-colored, and back has that classic light coating of build-up you see on so many of these 1970s books. A solid enough copy that won't let you down, but it's not likely to impress you either.60FN/VF5.2508/77 - by Chris Claremont/John Byrne, w/ Wasp, Origin of Equinox (Terrance Sorenson) - "A Matter of Love and Death!"A flat, still shiny and wonderfully smooth copy that shows only light edge and spine wear -- clearly still been enjoyed before, but they seem to have treated it lightly. Pages off-white and look good. Back has light coating of build-up. That and some hints of rust on the staples surely drop this down out of the VF realm, depositing it in the upper-mid-grade category. A good solid copy, but certainly not a high-grade one.61VG/FN3.5009/77 - by Chris Claremont/John Byrne, w/ Human Torch, vs Super-Skrull, Carol Danvers app - "Not All Thy Powers Can Save Thee!"Copy has clearly been read multiple times with evidence you can see in the photos, but surprisingly flat and smooth regardless (really smooth in fact, considering). Edges and spine show the wear more, pages are cream to off-white, and back has the typical surface build-up you see on copies that laid around before being properly stored. Better than a reader for sure, but no up to FN level either.63FN+4.5011/77 - by Chris Claremont/John Byrne, w/ Iron Fist, Misty Knight app, vs Steel Serpent - "Night of the Dragon"A solid enough copy that remains flat, still with some shine and very smooth. It nonetheless shows definite signs of having been read a couple of times with moderate wear that's easily detected in the photos. Back has surface build-up. Pages cream to off-white. A solid but unspectacular copy.64FN+5.9512/77 - by Chris Claremont/John Byrne, w/ Daughters of the Dragon, Iron Fist app, Origin of Steel Serpent (Davos) - "If Death Be My Destiny"Copy is flat, still retains some shine, and is quite smooth, even though it has clearly been read before, as you can see plainly enough in the photos, showing the moderate wear you'd expect. Pages off-white and look good. Back faded a bit and has some surface build-up -- enough to prevent this from elevating to FN/VF, which is how it presents from the front. A solid mid- to upper-mid-grade copy.64cVG+3.9512/77 - by Chris Claremont/John Byrne, w/ Daughters of the Dragon, Iron Fist app, Origin of Steel Serpent (Davos) - "If Death Be My Destiny"Definitely seen some action with some obvious edge and corner issues and general wear, with clear surface build-up on the back side. Also has some light spotting that only can be seen when held up to the light. Despite all this, it nonetheless still has off-white pages that look good, and believe it or not -- the surface of both sides is actually pretty smooth -- you would have thought there would be a ton of wrinkling here, but there just isn't, which is why this one still elevates to slightly above "reader" level.A copy on the lower-end of the grading scale for sure, but if the high-grade prices for this one are making you gag and you're okay with a more affordable copy, then perhaps this can work for you.64FN2.5012/77 - REPRINT (actually Marvel Tales #198 - Apr, 1987) by Chris Claremont/John Byrne, w/ Daughters of the Dragon, Iron Fist app, Origin of Steel Serpent (Davos) - "If Death Be My Destiny"-- much more affordable way to pick up reading copy of the original MTU 64. Also contains back-up story called "Clobberin' Time" featuring Spidey vs the Thing by Sholly Fisch and James Fry.A copy that looks quite nice at first glance, with good shine and white pages, but a slightly sticky spot on the upper-left back corner relgates this back down to mid-grade.65-66VF
Marvel Team-Up 65-66 VF 1978 / 1st US app Captain Britain 1st Arcade, Miss Locke67VF/NM7.9503/78 - by Chris Claremont/John Byrne, w/ Tigra, vs Kraven the Hunter - "Tigra Tigra, Burning Bright!"Wonderful copy -- flat, shiny and exceedingly smooth. Spine has only a couple of small ticks and is flat and tight. Pages off-white and look great. Back still mostly white with just a touch of surface build-up, putting this one below NM for sure, but not far behind. An excellent copy that has weathered the decades nicely!68VF
Marvel Team-Up 68 VF 8.0 1978 / Byrne, Man-Thing, 1st app D'Spayre Dr. Strange 271FN/VF4.9507/78 - by Bill Kunkel/David Wenzel, w/ The Falcon, Captain America app, Nick Fury app, Plantman app - "Deathgarden"Presents initially as a VF copy that seems to have been lightly read -- flat, still with some shine (but lost a hair), and very smooth, spine shows moderate wear, pages are solid but cream-colored and not off-white, and back has some build-up -- all that added up enough to drop this down into the ordinary upper-mid-grade category.Don't misunderstand -- it's a solid copy, but it's not VF.72FN/VF4.5008/78 - by Bill Mantlo/Jim Mooney, w/ Iron Man, vs Whiplash, Wraith app - "Crack of the Whip!"Flat, still shiny and very smooth copy with off-white pages. Moderate spine wear, and if it weren't for a hair too much surface build-up on the back, it might have rated VF- (too many spine ticks for VF), but this is a solidly upper-mid-grade copy -- no better.73VG/FN3.5009/78 - by Gary Friedrich/Kerry Gammil, w/ Daredevil, vs Owl - "A Fluttering of Wings Most Foul!"A copy that shows clear signs of having been enjoyed a couple of times before with a surface that still has some shine to it, but also some wrinkling (as you should be able to tell from the photos) -- and doesn't lie as flat as you'd expect.Spine and edges show only moderate wear, pages off-white and still solid enough, back has coating of surface build-up, so all that is no worse than you'd expect from a below-mid-grade copy, but that lower-right back was exposed to some moisture, which has caused the lower staple to rust -- which shows also on the centerfold page (see photo) -- dropping this one down closer to reader level.It's still perfectly readable, but certainly nothing to write home about.76FN-4.5012/78 - by Chris Claremont/Howard Chaykin/Jeff Aclin - w/ Dr. Strange, Clean app, Wong app, Ms. Marvel app, Silver Dagger app - "If Not For Love"Copy looks right about average -- flat, still with some shine, but not as smooth as a higher-grade copy, with off-white pages that seem solid enough. Back has some light build-up and a bit of foxing, particularly on the extreme edges. This drops to below mid-grade though because of the half-inch split on the upper spine, which you can make out in the photo.It won't be winning any awards, but if an average or slightly below copy will work for you, then this one might do.78VF-4.2502/79 - by Bill Kunkel/Don Perlin, w/ Wonder Man, vs Griffin - "Claws!"Only lightly read and still looks mostly shiny and new, with off-white pages that look good. Back has some foxing specks and was showing enough wear to drop this into the upper-mid-grade category.79FN8.9503/79 - by Chris Claremont/John Byrne, w/ Red Sonja (Mary Jane), vs Kulan Gath - "Sword of the She-Devil" (And don't blink or you'll overlook the one panel where Clark Kent appears -- and believe it or not, this isn't even his first appearance!)A solid but hardly splendid copy of this landmark issue, which has clearly been read through once or twice. Still flat, it has lost some of its sheen and is definitely not as smooth as a brand new copy would be. Moderate spine wear is easily detectable in the close-up, in-your-face side photos I provided, and you'll note a little hairline crease to the left of Red Sonja. Plus, that white figure in the middle of the front panel allows you to see some surface build-up on that side, as well as some more on the back, not to mention a little break in the paper at the top back edge (visible in photo).Pages are off-white and appear to be in good enough shape, making this an average copy and certainly nothing you'll showcase in your collection, but if you're okay with a roughly mid-grade copy that is still completely readable, this might work for you, and John Byrne's rendition of Red Sonja is not to be missed!80NM-14.0004/79 - by Chris Claremont/Mike Vosburg, w/ Dr. Strange and Clea, Wong app, 1st app of Cissy Ironwood, contains letter from Peter Sanderson - "A Sorcerer Possessed!"What a flat, shiny and incredibly smooth copy with little to no wear and excellent off-white pages. Only a touch of handling wear on the back spine area drops this one below full NM (and at least for my aging eyes, I needed a magnifying glass to even notice). An excellent, even if not absolutely pristine copy that displays fabulously.82NM-9.5006/79 - by Chris Claremont/Sal Buscema/Steve Leialoha, w/ Black Widow, Nick Fury app, Contessa/Agent 14 - "No Way to Treat a Lady"Wow, a flat, shiny and wonderfully smooth copy that looks hardly handled at all. Just the faintest of hairline spine ticks and light traces of handling keep this one from grading at full NM. Pages off-white and looked good when I carefully examined them. Back is still right about white with no smudging and only the lightest trace of any build-up.Not a pristine copy, but a no doubt a high-grade one that has remained well-preserved these last four+ decades! Check out the various photos!83VF-4.9507/79 - by Chris Claremont/Sal Buscema/Steve Leialoha, w/ Nick Fury, Black Widow app, Silver Samurai, Contessa/Agent 14 - "Slaughter on 10th Avenue"Looks just about brand new from the front, pages are off-white and look great, but back shows enough wear with a rough edge here and there (see photo) to drag this one to below VF. Still a very solid upper-mid-grade copy.84VF/NM5.9508/79 - by Chris Claremont/Sal Buscema/Steve Leialoha, w/ Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu, Black Widow app, Nick Fury app, Nomad (Steve Rogers) app, Boomerang app - "Catch A Falling Hero"Flat, with great shine and about as smooth as you could hope for from a 40+ year-old copy. Spine has only very light wear (some hairline ticks -- see close-up, in-your-face side photos I provided). Pages off-white and looked good when I carefully leafed through it, and back has only light surface build-up to keep this one from elevating all the way to NM, but make no mistake -- even though this one isn't perfect, it's a high-grade specimen.85VF3.7509/79 - by Chris Claremont/Sal Buscema/Steve Leialoha, w/ Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu; Nick Fury; Black Widow, Silver Samaurai app - "The Woman Who Never Was"Book seems to have been lightly read before with minor signs of handling. Still has good shine and mostly smooth. Pages off-white. Back has traces of light build-up, and the extreme top edge has hint of minor foxing (see photo), so clearly it's no longer NM, but a solid copy for sure.86VG3.7510/79 - by Chris Claremont/Bob McLeod, w/ Guardians of Galaxy - "Story Of The Year!"Book has obviously been read before -- does not lie completely flat, still with good shine, but showing some wrinkling. Spine is solid enough, and pages are off-white, and appears about mid-grade until you turn it over and see the remnant of water damage on the right edges, causing the staples to rust (see centerfold shot I included). Book remains completely readable, with the pages all intact (I leafed through it), but this is clearly now a more affordable gap-filler copy.88VG/FN2.9512/79 - by Chris Claremont/Sal Buscema, w/ Invisible Girl - "A Child Is Waiting" (heh, with one of my favorite Spidey scenes -- "I don't know how to drive!" -- but I mustn't spoil it, so no more)Copy has clearly been read before, and as the photos show, the spine area has some moisture damage on that edge -- see the rusty staples I show in the photos, but otherwise, it would have been right around mid-grade with a still-shiny surface, off-white pages, some surface build-up on back. My other copy being one of the Team-Up issues I'm keeping for myself, it's definitely worth a read!89VF/NM5.7501/80 - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by Chris Claremont/Mike Nasser/Rich Buckler, w/ Nightcrawler, Arcade app, first app Cutthroat - "Shoot Out Over Center Ring!"Slight signs of handling wear upper staple and not-perfect back top edge prevent this otherwise very nice copy with near-white pages from rating higher. May have been gently read before -- not NM.90FN2.9502/80 - NEWSSTAND - by Steven Grant/Mike Vosburg, w/ Beast, vs Killer Shrike and Modular Man - "Death on the Air"Looks better than the mere mid-grade I assigned it, with a shiny surface, only some light wrinkling, pages cream to off-white and only some light surface build-up on the back, but I spot some rust on the staples, so I'm going to shoot right down the middle on this one. Solid enough, but not spectacular at all.91FN4.5003/80 - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by Steven Grant/Pat Broderick, w/ Ghost Rider - "Carnival of Souls!"Shows light wear from a prior reading, but flat, shiny and wonderfuly smooth; some light spine ticks; pages off-white and solid. Back looks almost new at first glance, but when you hold the book up to the light, you see a trace of moisture remnant on the right edge that I at first missed (you really do have to hunt for it). Does not appear to affect any inner pages, so it's very subtle, but I dropped the copy to mid-grade anyway as a result (would have been VF).Great overall copy that looks far better than the assigned grade.92VG/FN4.5004/80 - NEWSSTAND - by Steven Grant/Carmine Infantino, w/ Hawkeye, 1st appearance of Mr. Fear (Alan Fagan) - "Fear!"A copy that shows clear signs of having been enjoyed a couple of times before -- still shiny but not quite flat, some light wrinkling, pages off-white, some surface build-up, but all that might have still qualified for a regular mid-grade rating were it not for the moisture spot I see in the lower spine area (shows in UPC box). Inner pages all seem fine, and the book is solid there, but I do note a touch of rust on the staples, dropping this one down closer to reader level, but still looking better than what you normally find there. Solid gap-filler, but certainly nothing you'll write home about.93NM-8.9505/80 - NEWSSTAND - by Steven Grant/Carmine Infantino/Tom Sutton, w/ Werewolf by Night, Shroud app, 1st app Dansen Macabre - "Rags To Riches!"No longer NM due to little spine dimple and a touch of storage wear, but a nice and apparently unopened copy.94FN2.5006/80 - NEWSSTAND - by Steven Grant/Mike Zeck, w/ the Shroud - "Darkness, Darkness"Copy looks like it has been handled and lightly read. Still shiny with off-white pages, but showing a touch of wrinkling, and the lower spine corner seems to have been touched by a spot of moisture, dooming this otherwise still upper-mid-grade copy down to average or perhaps a hair lower. A solid enough copy still, but obviously nothing to write home about.95FN
Marvel Team-Up 95 FN 6.0 1980 Newsstand / 1st app Mockingbird / Hawkeye's wife96VF-7.5008/80 - NEWSSTAND - by Alan Kupperberg, w/ Howard the Duck, 1st app Status Quo - "Panic in the Park!"A strong, yet not-perfect copy that's flat, shiny and still wonderfully smooth. Spine shows only some hair thin spine ticks (see close-up, in-your-face side photos I provided). Very tip of bottom spine corner seems to have briefly come in contact with some moisture (see that side photo again -- doesn't seem to have affected any but a spot on the splash page). Pages off-white. Back has some foxing at lower edge that shows in photos.This fails to qualify for "high" grade, though certainly an upper-mid-grade copy.97FN3.2509/80 - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by Steven Grant/Carmine Infantino, Hulk w/ Spider-Woman - "Doctor Of Madness!"An average mid-grade copy that shows signs of having been read and handled before, some light wrinkling (which shows in the photos), spine ticks, a hint of foxing at lower back edge and off-white pages, and a touch of surface build-up -- all pretty much par for the course for a FN copy.98VF/NM8.9510/80 - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by Marv Wolfman, Roger McKenzie/Will Meugniot, w/ Black Widow, 1st app Loose Lips Lonigan, Owl app, Simon Stroud app, Maggia app - "The Fatal Attraction of the Black Widow"Beautiful copy that's flat, still shiny and wonderfully smooth. Spine shows only the slightest hint that the book has been handled at all, and were it not for a couple of not-perfect spots on the back's extreme edges (see left edge, upper-third area for instance), this one would get a full NM grade. Not pristine, but what a fantastic overall NEWSSTAND VARIANT copy that's over 40 years old!99FN/VF2.9511/80 - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by Tom DeFalco/Jerry Bingham, w/ Machine Man, Sandman app - "And Machine Man Makes 3"A lightly-read copy that would still be VF were it not for the bit of foxing on back.100VF 8.0 to
Marvel Team-Up 100 VF 8.0 1980 Newsstand / 1st Karma (New Mutants), Frank Miller101FN3.5001/81 - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by J.M. DeMatteis, Mike W. Barr/Jerry Bingham, Steve Ditko - "To Judge A Nighthawk!; w/ Nighthawk: Don't Let the Sun Come Up on Me"Front looks at least upper-mid-grade, showing evidence of a prior reading. A bit of foxing on right edge though (visible in photo). Spine in excellent shape, with only a hairline tick or two, pages still near-white, back cover has more foxing visible on left edge, and I also note a touch of moisture on upper edge, relegating this one to average and no better. Solid? sure, but certainly nothing to write home about.102VF-3.7502/81 - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by Mike W. Barr/Frank Springer, w/ Doc Samson, vs Rhino - "Samson And Delilah!"May never have been read, but some storage wear, complete with foxing on back side (see photo) relegate this to upper-mid-grade status.103VF
Marvel Team-Up 103 VF 1981 NEWSSTAND Spider-Man Ant-Man, 2nd full app Taskmaster104VF-3.5004/81 - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by Roger McKenzie/Jerry Bingham, Hulk with Ka-Zar, Zabu app, MODOK app - "Modok Must Triumph"Shows clear evidence of a light reading -- still shiny and smooth, but with some hairline spine ticks. Lower edge of back has hint of some foxing spots. Pages off-white. Upper-mid-grade, but no better.106VF/NM4.9506/81 - by Tom DeFalco/Herb Trimpe, w/ Captain America, vs Scorpion - "A Savage Sting Has The Scorpion!"Light handling wear from a gentle reading makes the spine not as smooth as a NM copy (you can make out a couple of little dimples in photo), but still flat, with good shine, back remains white with only slight wear -- pages easily off-white, perhaps even near-white.107VF-
Marvel Team-Up 107 VF- 7.5 1981 Newsstand Spider-Man, early Savage She-Hulk app108FN3.5008/81 - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by David Michelinie/Herb Trimpe, w/ Paladin, Dazzler cameo, 1st app Thermo Man - "Something Wicked This Way Kills!"Only light wear from a gentle reading showing from front -- flat and still shiny with near-white pages, but back side has a couple of moisture spots on upper edge and upper-right corner area (just visible in photo -- hardly noticeable on any but the last inner page), dragging this back down to average.111VF3.5011/81 - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by J.M. DeMatteis/Herb Trimpe, w/ Devil-Slayer, Defenders app, Dr. Strange, Hulk, Sub-Mariner - "Of Spiders and Serpents!"Has been lightly read before, showing light handling wear, which dropped it to below NM, and the little rough spot in bottom third of back left edge (visible in photo) pushed it down below VF. A solid upper-mid-grade copy.113VF--01/82 - by Mark Gruenwald/Herb Trimpe, w/ Quasar, Lightmaster app, Dazzler cameo, Nitro cameo - "The Resurrection of Edward Lansky"Appears to have been lightly handled and perhaps left sitting in a pile -- nice still but some light surface build-up on back.114VF/NM4.2502/82 - by J.M. DeMatteis/Herb Trimpe, w/ The Falcon - "The Heat in Harlem!"Still looks close to new, with signs of light handling from a gentle reading. Pages cream-colored.115VF3.5003/82 - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by J.M. DeMatteis/Herb Trimpe, w/ Thor, 1st app Mind-Bender - "Dichotomies!"A nice NEWSSTAND VARIANT that still looks close to new, having only appeared to have been gently read before. Pages off-white.116NM-6.5004/82 - by J.M. DeMatteis/Herb Trimpe, w/ Valkyrie, Thor app, Defenders app - "Between Sword and Hammer!"Evidence of slight handling wear from a light reading, pages off-white. Not perfect, but looks great.117NM
Marvel Team-Up 117 NM 9.4 1982 Newsstand, Spider-Man, Wolverine, 1st Prof. Power118VF4.9506/82 - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by J.M. DeMatteis/Herb Trimpe, w/ Professor X, Wolverine app, Origin of Professor Power - "Meeting Of The Minds"A copy that looks mostly new -- flat, shiny and mostly smooth (but not entirely -- a spot here or there -- see lower-left area for instance). Pages off-white, and it seems to have been lightly read before. Still a high-grade copy, but certainly not NM -- and a nice NEWSSTAND VARIANT overall.119VF-3.7507/82 - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by J.M. DeMatteis/Kerry Gammill, w/ Gargoyle - "Time, Run Like a Freight Train"A lightly read copy which is flat, shiny and mostly smooth with off-white to near-white pages -- back has a touch of foxing on top edge (see photo), which I think drops this to just below VF.120NM-3.2508/82 - by J.M. DeMatteis/Kerry Gammill, w/ Dominic Fortune - "Old Soldiers"Looks like a mostly new copy that was lightly read before.121VF/NM
Marvel Team-Up 121 VF/NM 9.0 1982 Newsstand / Human Torch, 1st app Frog-Man124VF3.5012/82 - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by J.M. DeMatteis/Kerry Gammill, w/Beast, Origin of Professor Power - "The Ties That Bind!"Has clearly been lightly read. Still very nice but no longer NM.125NM-6.9501/83 - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by J.M. DeMatteis, Mary Jo Duffy/Kerry Gammill, w/ Tigra - "Yesterday and Today!" Also "Cross Fire" featuring Dr. Strange and the Scarlet Witch -- (Check out the MCU Multiverse of Madness movie with these two!)A beautiful copy -- flat, still with good shine and about as smooth as you could hope for. Front cover and spine look close to perfect. Pages off-white. Back shows light handling wear, right about where you'd expect someone to have held it while reading (see far left edge, about two/thirds down for instance), so not pristine, putting it below NM. But for a NEWSSTAND VARIANT copy, it's in great overall condition.126NM-4.5002/83 - by J.M. DeMatteis, Jim Shooter/Bob Hall, Tomoyuki Takenaka, w/ Hulk; Power Man; Son of Satan - "A Firm Offer!; The Obligation!"Looks barely handled -- almost like new. Pages off-white with only a faint trace of handling on upper back edge (just visible in photo).127VF3.9503/83 - by J.M. DeMatteis/Kerry Gammill, w/the Watcher, Captain America app - "Small Miracles"Light handling wear along spine shows that the book was likely read before.128NM-6.5004/83 - by J.M. DeMatteis, Eliot Brown/Kerry Gammill, Photo cover, w/ Captain America, Black Cat app, Vermin app, Agent 13 (Sharon Carter) app - "Sweet Temptation!; A Cover is Born (text)"One little spine dimple (to the far left of Spidey's head) and a slightly darkened top back edge prevent this from getting a full NM grade. Pages off-white.129NM-5.9505/83 - by J.M. DeMatteis/Kerry Gammill, w/ The Vision, Scarlet Witch app - "And Much To Ponder Before The Dawn"May not be absolutely pristine, but looks essentially new.130VF/NM6.2506/83 - UNOPENED - by J.M. DeMatteis/Sal Buscema, w/ The Scarlet Witch, Vision app, Necrodamus app - "Till Death Do Us Part!"Beautiful copy that looks close to new with off-white pages. A hint of foxing on the extreme back left edge though drops this down below NM.131NM-
Marvel Team-Up 131 NM- 9.2 1983 / 1st app White Rabbit, 2nd Frog-Man (She-Hulk)133VF/NM4.9509/83 - UNOPENED - by J.M. DeMatteis/Sal Buscema, w/ Fantastic Four, Origin of Doctor Faustus (Johann Fennhoff) - "The World According To...Faustus!"Looks just about brand new from the front, with off-white pages, but back edges show a touch of fading (visible in photo) that drops this down from top-notch status. Still a nice copy.134VF-2.7510/83 - by Bill Mantlo/Ron Frenz, w/ Jack of Hearts - "The Boy's Night Out!"Book looks almost new from the front, appears to have never been opened, still has near-white pages, but back-side edges show fading and a touch of foxing (particularly along the top -- easily seen in photo) -- probably from being left out for a while before proper storage.135VF3.5011/83 - by Bill Mantlo/Ron Frenz, w/ Kitty Pryde - "Down Deep In Darkness!"Still looks mostly new, with only light wear along spine indicating it was probably lightly read.136VF--12/83 - UNOPENED - by David Michelinie/Ron Frenz, w/ Wonder Man, vs Mauler - "Webs"Looks brand new from the front, has off-white pages, but note the faint touch of foxing on back upper edge, which knocks this one down, out of contention for NM.137NM9.2501/84 - by Mike Carlin/Greg Larocque, Aunt May and Franklin Richards, vs Galactus, Aunt May becomes herald to Galactus ("Golden Oldie") and only Franklin can save her? -- What.........? - oh my, it must be Assistant Editor's Month!, naturally Nova the current herald of Galactus, Peter Parker and the Fantastic Four are on hand as well - "Twinkle Twinkle"Looks totally brand new from the front, has off-white pages, and only the faintest fading at the extreme back top edge prevents this one from exceeding NM -- an excellent copy even if not pristine, and good grief, an issue not to be missed!138NM-4.2502/84 - UNOPENED - by Tom DeFalco/Greg Larocque, w/ Sandman, Nick Fury app - "Starting Over!"Pretty darn close to NM, with just a faint bend on extreme upper-right cover (you can kind of see it in the photos) -- pages still near-white. Great copy.139NM-3.5003/84 - UNOPENED - by Cary Burkett/Brian Postman, w/ Nick Fury, vs Dreadnought - "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime!"Looks just about new, with that white background showing just a touch of fading that I thought kept this from being NM.141FN/VF
Marvel Team-Up 141 FN/VF 7.0 1984 1st Black Alien Costume, Black Widow Daredevil142NM-5.9506/84 - by David Michelinie/Greg Larocque, w/ Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau), Starfox app - "Foiled!"Looks mostly new and may never have been opened, but I note some faint trace of surface build-up in upper-right of front cover that prevents a full NM rating. Still a very nice copy!143VF3.5007/84 - by David Michelinie/Greg Larocque, w/ Starfox, Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) app - "Shifts and Planes"Looks brand new from the front, and has near-white pages, but I note a faded far-left edge on back that shows in the photo, knocking this one down a peg.144NM-7.5008/84 - UNOPENED - by Cary Burkett/Greg Larocque, w/ Moon Knight, vs White Dragon - "My Sword I Lay Down!"Beautiful copy that looks just about brand new, with only the edge upper edge showing the slightest hint of wear (zoom in to spot)145NM3.5009/84 - UNOPENED - by Tony Isabella/Greg Larocque, w/ Iron Man - "Hometown Boy"Looks just about new.146NM3.5010/84 - UNOPENED - by Cary Burkett/Greg Larocque, w/ Nomad, 1st app Black Abbot and Black Apostles, Taskmaster app - "Hero Worship!"Looks just about brand new.147NM-3.5011/84 - UNOPENED - by Cary Burkett/Greg Larocque, w/ Human Torch - "A Debt Repaid"Only extreme top edge shows any wear at all (zoom in on front photo to spot). Otherwise looks brand new.148NM-6.9512/84 - UNOPENED - by Cary Burkett/Greg Larocque, w/ Thor, Alien Symbiote Costume, - "A Child Shall Lead Them!"Not quite perfect, with back spine edge having a touch of light build-up from sitting out before storage.149NM-4.5001/85 - UNOPENED - by Louise Simonson/Bret Blevins, w/ Cannonball, New Mutants app, Magik - "The Incandescent Man"Looks brand new, with only a touch of fading on back left edge preventing full NM rating.150NM5.5002/85 - UNOPENED (Giant-Size Final Issue) - by Louise Simonson/Greg Larocque, Barry Windsor-Smith cover, w/ X-Men, Juggernaut, Black Tom Cassidy app - "'Tis Better to Give!"Only light handling (by me) to get from the store to its final bag.Annual3VF4.951980 - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by Roger Stern/Herb Trimpe/Frank Miller cover, Hulk and Power Man/Iron Fist, Machine Man app - Monster in the Meadow; Payoff; Heroes for Hire; The Men and the Machine; Confrontations"Looks close to new from the front, has pages that are easily off-white and in great shape. Back has light wear and a touch of foxing at extreme upper edge, dropping this 40+ year-old copy down below NM.SMTU_6NM2.5003/97 (cover price $2.99) - Spider-Man Team-Up issue #6, featuring Spidey, Dracula, the Hulk and Aquarian - "Breaking and Entering!"Book looks brand new, like it was just published last week! Pages are white!31VG/FN--09/77 - by Marv Wolfman/Ron Wilson, w/ Mystery Menace, also with Spider-Woman, only her 3rd full appearance - "My Sweetheart...My Killer!"Obviously this book has been enjoyed a couple of times before, as the overall edge and surface wear attests to in the photos -- surface build-up on both sides to boot. Even though it's been handled a good bit, it remains mostly (and surprisingly) smooth to the touch, meaning there's hardly any wrinkling.Book is still flat, and the inner pages are off-white and still in good shape.For the record, even though she is not credited or shown on the cover, Spider-Woman appears throughout this issue, from the splash page right up to the last couple of pages.33VF/NM--11/77 - by Marv Wolfman/Ron Wilson, w/ Modred the Mystic (3rd appearance and first since his 2-issue debut in Marvel Chillers), also with Spider-Woman, in her final pre-Spider-Woman #1 appearance - "From Stonehenge...With Death!"For a copy that's 45 years old, this is surprisingly flat, shiny and wonderfully smooth, almost like glass still. It seems like it was lightly read before with tiny little ticks on the spine that prevent it from grading at full NM, and a not-perfect top edge drops it into the next level down, so no, not a perfect copy, but these minor things can be seen in the loads of photos I've provided and still showcase the book as a high-grade copy.Back is almost, but no longer quite white, but it doesn't seem to have much in the way of any surface build-up. Pages off-white and still solid.Bottom line is that this is a higher-grade copy that admittedly isn't perfect, but it's in astonishingly good shape for a 45 year-old book and has been well-preserved.For the record, even though she is not credited or shown on the cover, Spider-Woman appears throughout this issue, all the way to the very last panel. Her next appearance would be in Spider-Woman #1. There are only a handful of appearances that pre-date that issue, and this is one of them.34VF-4.2512/77 - by Marv Wolfman/Ron Wilson, w/ Nighthawk, Deathlok app, Nick Fury app - "A Monster Walks Among Us!"Looks lightly read and very solid and still shiny and mostly smooth, but with a touch of surface build-up on back that drops it just below "high" grade. Pages look great and definitely upper-mid-grade.35FN/VF4.9501/78 - by Marv Wolfman/Ernie Chan, w/ Skull the Slayer - "Enter: Skull the Slayer and Exit: The Thing!"Still shiny copy that shows only minimal wear in front, with off-white pages that look good, but back picked up some surface build-up that prevents this from elevating to VF.37FN+4.9503/78 - by Marv Wolfman/Ron Wilson, w/ Matt Murdock - "Game Point!"A mostly average copy that retains some shine but shows signs of handling, and a touch of surface build-up on back. Pages off-white and in good shape. Nothing spectacular, but a solid mid-grade-ish copy.38FN/VF5.2504/78 - by Roger Slifer/Marv Wolfman/Ron Wilson, w/ Daredevil, vs Mad Thinker - "Thing Behind Prison Bars"A previously-read copy that retains some shine, shows moderate handling wear, a bit of surface build-up on back, but pages are solid, off-white and in good shape.42VF5.9508/78 - by Ralph Macchio with obvious art by Sal Buscema (you can tell by glancing at only one page -- love that guy's work!) -- w/ Captain America, Wundarr app, Aquarian app, Cult of Entropy - "Entropy, Entropy"A lightly-read copy, still flat and shiny, mostly smooth with pages that aren't quite white. Excellent copy, but not NM.47FN/VF3.5001/79 - by Bill Mantlo/Chic Stone, w/ Yancy Street Gang, 1st appearance of Starr Saxon as Machinesmith, FF app, Agatha Harkness app - "Happy Deathday, Mister Grimm!"Solid upper-mid-grade copy that's clearly been read before, with some evident surface build-up on back. Pages off-white and in great shape -- I note that a couple near the top weren't cut cleanly, leaving a bit of extra paper sticking out -- you can kind of make this out in the photos -- seeing a little of that extra bit poking out -- nothing missing -- this is extra bits of paper with a not-clean cut is all.57VF-3.5011/79 - by Mark Gruenwald/Ralph Macchio/George Perez, w/ Wundarr, Quasar app, Thundra, Giant-Man, Aquarian, Klaw app - "The Pegasus Project, Part 5; When Walks Wundarr!"Nice, flat and shiny with some light wear on back and a touch of wrinkling from a light reading or two -- solid copy.73VF-4.9503/81 - by Ralph Macchio/Ron Wilson, w/ Quasar - "Pipeline Through Infinity"Bright, shiny,flat and smooth copy, this one still doesn't quite make it to VF due to little specks of foxing on the back, as well as a tiny rough spot in upper-left here (see photos). Still a solid upper-mid-grade copy.78FN/VF4.9508/81 - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by Tom DeFalco, David Michelinie/Ron Wilson, w/ Wonder Man, Beast app, Daredevil app - "Monster Man!"Obviously read before -- I see handling wear, which you can make out in the photos. Solid copy still.79FN/VF2.9509/81 - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by Tom DeFalco/Ron Wilson, w/ Blue Diamond, 1st app Star-Dancer; - "Shanga, the Star-Dancer!"This copy has been read, perhaps twice -- still solid but you can see a bit of wear.85NM---03/82 - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by Tom DeFalco/Ron Wilson, w/ Spider-Woman, Giant-Man app, Thundra app, Quasar app, 1st app Atom-Smasher (Michael English) - "The Final Fate of Giant-Man!"A beautiful flat, shiny and smooth copy that lies flat and still has the look of a brand new book even after 40 years. Seems have been very lightly read, but obviuosly done very gently, leaving behind only a spot on lower spine UPC box area where it's not perfectly smooth anymore. But see the loads of pictures I provided, and you'll see a book that's admittedly not perfect, but still looks amazing!88NM-
Marvel Two-In-One 88 NM- 9.2 1982 / Thing, Early She-Hulk app / Disney+ MCU show96NM-2.9502/83 - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by Tom DeFalco/Ron Wilson, w/ well...everyone it seems - "Visiting Hours!"A still quite nice NEWSSTAND VARIANT copy that might never have been read and looks almost new actually. Spine not quite perfect, so no NM here, but darn close.98VF-2.7504/83 - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by David Michelinie/Ron Wilson, w/ Franklin Richards - "Vid Wars!"Looks lightly read that's still very nice, but with a little rough spot at top, more visible from back side.Annual6VF4.2510/81 - by Doug Moench/Ron Wilson, 1st app American Eagle (Jason Strongbow), vs Klaw, Ka-Zar & Zabu app - "An Eagle from America!"Still in nice shape, but seems to have been lightly read, showing minor wear.

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