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*PLEASE NOTE: 'Estimated Condition' means just that, ESTIMATED condition. If you are purchasing to have books graded or want to know exact conditions, please e-mail us before committing to purchase and ask any questions you may have. We deal in hundreds of comics every day and have a well versed knowledge of how to assess the condition of a book, however without being officially certified any assessment of a book's condition will ALWAYS be no more than an estimate. Please be aware that mass-produced books are always prone to minor manufacturing imperfections from the printer. These imperfections do NOT negatively effect a book's potential grade.We are confident in the products we sell and wish to give you the best buying experience we possibly can. If for any reason your purchase does not meet your expectations, please reach out to us before leaving negative response so we can assist you as best we can! Customer satisfaction is our top-priority; just see our response!

We offer combined shipping when purchasing different items (depending on size) if paid for on 1 invoice. The more you buy the more you save!PLEASE NOTE: if combining shipping on in-stock items with pre-ordered items, in-stock items will be held until the LAST pre-ordered item becomes available to ship in 1 package.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

Some more information regarding typical estimated conditions we sell:

Near Mint (NM) ConditionNear Mint/MintNM/M9.8Near Mint+NM+9.6Near MintNM9.4Near Mint-NM-9.2

A nearly perfect copy that looks brand new with only a few very minor defects. Acceptable minor defects on a NM copy include: a very small amount of spine stresses, very minor instances of denting (two or three at most), slight corner blunting, and minor (less than 1/8") bends without color breaks.

On the ten-point grading scale, a lower grade like 9.2 will allow these defects in a greater quantity and degree than a higher grade like 9.8, which sometimes may have no discernible defects at all. We do not assign the grades 9.9 and 10.0 to any unslabbed "raw" comics. You will only see these ultra-high grades on comics slabbed by one of the grading services. There is such a small degree of separation between the grades 9.8, 9.9, and 10.0 that even the most experienced comic graders may disagree on which of these three grades to assign to an apparently flawless comic, so the highest grade we will assign to a comic is 9.8.

In some cases it is possible for a comic shipped brand new from the publisher, or purchased new from a comic store's shelves, to already be in less than near mint condition due to the way the comic was produced, shipped, stored, or handled prior to purchase.

Very Fine (VF) ConditionVery Fine/Near MintVF/NM9.0Very Fine+VF+8.5Very FineVF8.0Very Fine-VF-7.5

A VF copy has minor defects, but is in overall excellent condition. Most well-kept modern comics (especially if they have been read) fall into this grade. Acceptable defects on a VF are minor and include: Minor corner wear, a light accumulation of spine stress that may include color-break, a light accumulation of dents, and bends or folds less than 1/4" (note that on a VF copy, some color-break is allowed in a bend/fold).



accepts MOST FORMS of Payment for our listings.

Payment is duewithin four (4) days of purchase or winning offer. We're sorry but we will need to file Non Paying buyer on the 5th day, to reclaim our fees. If you need additional time to make payment, you must contact us.

Please MAKE SURE you verify the address that you as the buyers submit's at time of purchase. The item will be shipped to the address that is submitted at time of purchase, per the seller protection policy.

Addresses will not be changed after the purchase is made per the seller protection policy. If item is returned to us due to incorrect or invalid address, you will have to pay additional shipping cost to be sent to you or any refund sent back to you the buyer will be minus the shipping costs for your mistake.

Multiple Item Purchases (Combined Shipping)

We are happy to combinemultiple purchases into one physical shipment to save you money. Using 's new feature- any eligible items for combined shipping should automatically do so in checkout. Our policy allows separate purchases within 3 days to be combined.


Our Shipping Schedule

All of our orders ship within 2businessdays (Mon-Fri, excluding Federal US Holidays)once a cleared payment has been received.

Shipping Services and Cost

  • We only ship via United States Postal Service (USPS), UPS and FEDEX.
  • The only shipping services offeredare the ones listed in this listing. If a service is not listed, it is not available.
  • All of our shipping costs are clearly stated inall of our listingsand arenon-negotiable.
  • Combined shipping is charged based on the weight, box size and shipping service you select. We will gladly offer an estimate on combined shipping if asked before purchasing.

Combined Shipping

We are happy to combine orders for our US and International customers to save you money on shipping. Cost will be based on weight and the type of shipping you select. You may combine orders over the course of three (3) days. Payment is due within four (4) days of the first order purchased.

Please note that if you are to combine shipping of In Stock items with Pre-Orders, the In stock items will be held until the last Pre-Ordered item becomes available to ship in 1 package.

International Shipping Fees

  • International shipping fees are expensive, we encourage you to research those fees before committing toa purchase. We will gladly combine multiple international purchases into one box or envelope, but the buyer is responsible for paying the shipping cost of the combined weight.
  • To research delivery confirmation or tracking please
  • Shipping fees are for a SERVICE provided by someone other than us and are non-negotiable.

International Shipping Time

International Shipping time can vary drastically due to delays with customs processing. United States Postal Service (USPS) Average International Transport times take 4 to 9 business days (This does not include weekends and Holidays). But often, local customs can delay orders for an additional two to four weeks, this is especially true with shipping to Canada and Italy. Please keep this in mind when evaluating our performance. We have no control over delivery times or your countries customs once the item leaves our hands.Thank you for your consideration.

International Customs Fees

  • Any customs fees imposed by the destination country are theresponsibility of the buyer,the fees can be considerable, depending on the country and the value of the order, we highly encourage you to do your research your customs costs before committing to a purchase.
  • Wefully comply with US federal export regulations and cannot declare less than the true final value of your order.
  • Wewill not mark your order as "Gift" to allow you to bypass your countries Importation Fees.
  • We willnotmisrepresent the nature of the transaction and/or items sent in any way.
  • Asking us to mark your order as "Gift"or asking us to break any other exportation laws will result in your order being cancelled.

Insurance and Damages

  • We will provide insurance with most purchased items.
  • Note that we and the shipment service you choose cannot prevent or guarantee that the item is free from manufacturer error/discoloring/denting or other minor dents/damages in the plastic/cardboard/packaging of the item, nor that which may occur during shipment from manufacturer TO US and TO YOU regardless of our meticulous packaging system. We package our items carefully and diligently.
  • If the item you receive is damaged IN SHIPPING, we will need to go through the appropriate channels to file a claim with the chosen shipping service. We will be glad to assist you in working through the right channels to resolve the issue. If you cannot wait for or choose not to wait for such a process to occur, we advise you not to purchase the item via shipment. If you are local, we would be glad to help you set up a pickup in our store!
  • We do not reimburse for items damaged in shipping. Any loss of yours is also a loss of ours, so expect that we are very understanding of any frustrations you may experience due to the mishandling of our products.
  • We inspect all items before shipment, and assure no breaks or damages are present before sending them in secure packaging. The only exception to this is SEALED items such as statues or other figures/items in enclosed Styrofoam packaging. We will not break the tape on these brand new items out of respect for our fellow collectors, unless specifically ASKED TO DO SO. Please send us an email if you would like us to first inspect your statues before shipment.
  • Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Return Policy

  • We accept returns claimed within 14 days of receipt, and in the form of an exchange or money back.
  • SHIPPING WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. Shipping is a SERVICE provided, it is NON RETURNABLE, and NON-NEGOTIABLE. ALL shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer, regardless of reason. We rarely make exceptions to this rule.
  • There is a20% restocking feefor all returned items that are not deemed defective.


Due to large amount of fraud emails we receive, we request thatALL related correspondences are sentthrough the email system. If you email us directly, there is a high probability our SPAM filter will delete your email. If you send emails to us we reserve the right to answer them within 48 hrs. We have a high volume of emails to handle so please be patient when expecting a response, especially during times that we are out of state and away for conventions.AS A GENERAL RULE: WE CANNOT ANSWER EMAILS WHILE AT CONVENTIONS. We use an away message for this purpose. If you have an issue, please be PATIENT. We WILL respond as soon as we return.

Our response should be a clear indication that we take our business and proper customer service very seriously. We are professionals and we are also your friends. We will do everything we can to help you obtain important collector items of the best quality possible and get them to you safely.

WE FREQUENTLY ATTEND CONVENTIONS. If you would like any information regarding our whereabouts at conventions so that you may visit our booth, please let us know! We would be glad to meet and assist you!

If you fail to receive emails from us, please check your SPAM filter.

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